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SAVED AGAIN AND BY HIM opens may 23!

may 23 - june 3, erica will be premiering a new solo play - SAVED AGAIN AND BY HIM.  for more info visit the NEW OHIO's site.

her theatre company anecdota was recently awarded a 2-year residency at IRT/the new OHIO to develop new work.  in year one, they shared a workshop performance of new piece, A FOOTNOTE IN HISTORY - on america's first female astronaut, sally ride.  

anecdota's first play (co-written by erica & jill a. samuels), TAKE WHAT IS YOURS - based on the (too) little known (true) story of how american women fought for and won the right to vote - ran at 59E59 and received a critics' pick in the new york times & backstage.  it was developed in residencies at new georges and IRT/the new OHIO, had its first reading at new york theatre workshop, and received support from the foundation for contemporary arts.

fae's solo play, A GIRL JOAN was commissioned by dance theater workshop, and performed at new york theatre workshop, the culture project, and HERE, where she was also awarded a one-year HARP residency for the creation of new work.  her work as collaborator/creator has also toured to new mexico, prague, italy, and edinburgh.  she also studied the epic, ancient vocal performance art, p'ansori, in south korea.

"erica fae is excellent as the poised martyr... riveting... powerful" - the new york times

“...virtuosic performance by erica fae... a mesmerizing storyteller and performer.  her physical control of her body is matched by her ability to produce a visceral reaction in the audience through her words.”                                             - huffington post

photos from TAKE WHAT IS YOURS

photo  by courtney stallings