the space inside

the body as emotional wisdom

physical acting teachings for mind/body/heart integration & articulation

experimental theatre pioneer, jerzy grotowski, and his company members, developed physical training exercises in the 1960's & 70's designed to transform not only the actors' craftwork, but also their interiors.  based on this deep and profound work, and contributing some of her own observations around awareness practices within the training, erica helps students use movement and the body to chip away at systemic patterns and supports people in finding a state of flow in the mind/heart/body system.  later training supports actors in using the body to help re-create particular emotional states, linking the "energetic body" to the "emotional body" in crafting a kind of emotional/physical/intellectual score in performance.

profound thanks to all my teachers over the years for all you have shared; in particular to steve wangh, mary overlie, lisa sokolov, kim mancuso, kermit dunelberg & zygmunt molik for making deep grooves in my mind & work.

all photographs on this page by alexander berg.

erica teaches physical acting training at the yale school of drama and the new school for drama (MFA programs), and she teaches “directing actors” to film directors at columbia university's film MFA program.  she has also taught at NYU, naropa university, and in private workshops in the states and abroad.  she first trained in grotowski-based work at age 15, and is at the beginning of writing a book on her experiences with the work.  other writings on teachings include an article in filmmaker magazine, a chapter/essay on mary overlie's viewpoints in an upcoming book on mary, and a book on acting for film (in development).  she was also invited as a guest speaker to a neurology lab for discussions on the intersection of this physical training and emotional/neurological release.  

erica regularly teaches private workshops in grotowski-based training in NYC produced by synaesthetic theatre - the next ones being a weekly course this spring and a weekend intensive for returning students in late march.  for application or further information, click here.

in june 2019, erica will be teaching an intensive workshop on the countryside in iceland.  for more info, visit this facebook page.

she also co-taught a summer intesive with steve wangh, wendy vanden heuvel, and raina von waldenburg for a number of years...